5 Unique Advantages of Motorized Sunshades

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With the growing popularity of home automation, today’s homeowners are interested in making their living spaces smarter than ever before. One simple home improvement project is to install motorized sunshades. These hands-free devices come with a long list of advantages. Below are 5 unique benefits you can enjoy with a quick upgrade to your window dressings.

Safety First

Do you have pets or young children at home? If so, you can enhance the safety factor in your living space by installing motorized sunshades. There’s just something about dangly window treatments that is attractive to both pets and babies. In fact, these cords can be dangerous and result in injury. But motorized window dressings are completely cordless.


The ability to adjust each sunshade with the press of a button is a priceless feature. It’s a convenient time-saver, especially for busy homeowners with lots of rooms and plenty of windows. No more fussing with cords or trying to get the best angle in order to ensure your blinds work properly.

Motorized Sunshades & Better Sleep

Motorized sunshades can also dramatically improve your sleep. First of all, these modern shades can completely block out any outside light. This in turn boosts your melatonin levels and helps to regulate your natural circadian rhythm.

Secondly, you can program your shutters so they open exactly when you want to wake up. This enables you to rise with sunlight, instead of that annoying alarm clock.

Improved Security

Another exceptional advantage of using motorized sunshades is that they can actually protect you from criminals, especially when you’re gone. Home automation is a modern concept that can be used to make your home appear lived in. It’s easy to remotely open or close your shades by using an app on your mobile device.

If you’re on a trip to another country, you can even set a timer to ensure your sunshades are adjusted at certain intervals. You can also operate them manually, especially when you know the risk for burglaries is greater. Combine this technology with CCTV cameras, automated lights, and alerts to deter any burglar from targeting your home.

Boost the Value of Your Home

Overall, motorized sunshades can boost the value of your home, too. In addition to their modern aesthetic appeal and increased safety features, they add financial value to your home. You can further increase the value of your property by implementing other smart features.

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