• Reupholstering Cаn Bring Nеw Lіfе Tо Your Furniture

    Do you have a sentimentally irreplaceable sofa or couch that is damaged? Have pets, family, overnight guests, and life in general brought some severe wear and tear to your furniture? The solution doesn’t always have to be to pour thousands of dollars into redecorating a room. Consider reupholstering your furniture. Reupholstering furniture can be the […]

  • Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Window Treatments

    Plastic blinds are extremely common on rentals and new homes. It makes sense because they’re cheap and they work. But plastic blinds are the dry bread of window treatments. Let’s look at some ways you can add flavor and make your windows look delicious. There are two paths to revamping your windows: ordering custom treatments […]

  • How to Hang Curtains to Make Your Windows Look Huge

    Step one is to decide if you want your window to seem taller, wider, or both. Don’t just default to making them look bigger all around. Sometimes the illusion of taller or wider windows is more attractive with your space, either making the ceilings seem higher, or creating the illusion of a longer wall, and […]

  • Stуlеѕ аnd Tуреѕ оf Window Blinds

    Stуlеѕ аnd Tуреѕ оf Window Blinds Keeping a great hоmе dоеѕ not only mean hаvіng the luxurіоuѕ décor and thе bеѕt mаntеlріесе. It’ѕ just about having the rіght thing аt the right рlасе іn thе rіght order. Evеn the ѕіmрlеѕt of décor kept in a corner оf thе house can add grасе аnd glamour tо […]

  • Furniture Reupholstery Can Do So Much For You

    When people think of reupholstering their furniture, they’re often planning to make old-looking, shabby fabrics look new again. And reupholstering definitely does that! But that’s not all that fresh upholstery can do for you! New Upholstery Reduces Allergens in Your Home Having a piece of furniture reupholstered doesn’t just change how clean it looks and […]

  • Shutters Are a Flexible, Beautiful Option

    There are many window covering styles that are more popular than shutters. Sometimes when shopping for window coverings, people don’t even think of shutters. Or they think shutters are only allowed in the kitchen. In fact, there are no rules. Put shutters wherever you like sunlight peeking through slats. Solid Wooden Shutters for Romance Shutters […]

  • Selecting the Right Draperies

    You just moved into your East Bay home or want to get a fresh look for your interior. New draperies can do wonders but where do you begin? Which one do you choose? Here are some factors to consider in making your choice. The fabric is going to be the critical element in creating new […]

  • Keys to Window Coverings

    Whether your home has a view of the Tri-Valley, Mt. Diablo, or one of your neighbors, Bay Area residents love their windows and views. The natural light that we have access to most of the year due to our weather allows us the luxury of capturing a lot of sun and daylight. However, many of […]