Shutters Are a Flexible, Beautiful Option

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Solid Wooden Shutters for Romance

Shutters come in numerous materials, and wood is not the only option. It does have a warmth unlike other materials, though. Wood shutters have a special look that appeals to many people. There is a visual weight and solidness that blinds and curtains can’t achieve. A basic, almost old-country romance that hints to safety and security.

Benefit From Technology With Composite Shutters

Composite shutters are wood, as well, but have been crafted from a solid core wood composite material that is impervious to water, and has a sturdy finish. They come in solid colors and can blend in with any decor. They’re made to be tough, yet beautiful.

Poly Resin Shutters Save Your Pennies

Poly Resin shutters are a great option for simple, affordable, and durable window coverings. The classic look of shutters doesn’t have to be expensive! These are a great option if you have a lot of windows to cover, or want the great look that shutters bring without making much of an investment.

What About Shutter Height?

Unlike most other window coverings, it’s easy to get shutters that either cover the entire height of your window, or come up to “cafe” height, meaning only covering the bottom up until usually just over eye level. What height is right is up to you. People that love sunlight tend to choose cafe height to let in sun even when blocking the view.

Whatever aesthetic you like in your home, we have what you need. If you have questions about the possibilities with shutters, or want to compare them to other options, contact Armand’s Draperies at 925.283.8717 today. In fact, contact us for any window covering or upholstery needs you have, any time. We’d love to help.

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