• Protecting Fabric – Lining

    Your window coverings, furniture, and bedding are all made of fabrics.  The ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage fabrics.  Just as suntan lotion is needed for your skin, your home and fabrics need protection too.  To do this, especially when they are delicate fabrics, it’s important to take special care.

    Linings are the key to this care.  High quality linings can provide a filter to protect them from direct sunlight.  They are the lotion for your home.  Several companies make such linings and they can provide a barrier while keeping the beauty of your drapes.

    Alternatively, a family can choose to utilize blackout linings.  Some hotels utilize this as they give their guests the ability to sleep in.  They are also in some homes due to their ability to create a completely dark room.  They usually will block 99% of the damaging rays of the sun.  Most materials can be attached to such linings.

    Beyond the benefits to your drapery fabric, blackout lining can also add a layer of protection to the other fabrics in your room.  Since many couches and other furniture have their own fabrics, the lining and it’s strong filtering ability also allows them to be protected.

    Blackout lining is not without its cost.  It can be calculated to be several hundred dollars for an entire home.  However, the protection it provides can provide its own cost savings as furniture and other fabrics would not have to be replaced as often.  It has been shown that the life of furniture can be expanded by years through having such lining.


    Regardless of the choice of lining, it’s important that you select one type in order to protect the fabric and furniture within your room.  For questions on linings, please reach out to Armand’s Drapery to answer your lining questions.

  • Using your Window Coverings as a focal point

    A specific spot in a room that grabs the maximum attention, can be termed as a focal point. It can be your fireplace, art pieces or your windows.  The point varies depending upon how your room is furnished and/or laid out. And, if you are passionate about adding visual warmth to a room, then adding the right window covering can add aesthetic values to your home and  help achieve both the look and feel you desire. 

    Here are some of the design trends of window coverings that you can use as a focal point. 

    Organic window covering:  As the name suggests these are made up of natural biodegradable materials such as bamboo or matchsticks. Some light can diffuse from it and so you can peep out of your window anytime without breaching your privacy.

    Colorful covering:  While coloring your window covering you can lure the attention of your friends and colleagues visiting your house. Window covering in blues along with a variety of ocean hues in teal can make the appearance spectacular. So, whether you are going for aquamarine and soft green, you can choose soft lavender and dusty hues or make use of persimmon, orange and emerald, for jewel tone; to uplift the room in the best possible manner. 

    Luxury fabrics:  Luxury fabrics from velvets, damasks, Belgian linen, silks, leather, or suede you have a variety of options to choose for luxury fabric. For those who desire for embellishment and luxury, these trends will always remain a popular option. 

    Combination of textures:  You can choose from a wide variety of best window covering such as rough linen and sleek metal combinations. This adds interest while embellishments such as embroidered trim or rivets provide an unexpected twist. 

    These are a few ways that you can keep in mind for making the best use of window coverings as a focal point. If you have questions, you can reach out to Armand’s to go over your window coverings options.

  • How a Custom Bedspread Can Make the Room

    A good quality bedspread is the real jewel of your bedding. Your bedspread tends to be central to the style of the room as well as  your comfort while sleeping. Few other features of the bedroom lure the attention like a bedspread. And yours can be crafted with material that is beautiful, comfortable, and fits your style.

    Materials used especially for design and manufacturing are great for skin and assure you the best result.

    The most striking benefit of a custom bedspread is that you can customize it to fit your home decor.

    Of course, when it comes to bedspreads, you don’t want to compromise the look or the feel. We’ve all seen people choose form over function to disastrous results. With your custom bedspread, you won’t have to do that.

    Thus, to enjoy both the perks of a quality bedspread (quality and beauty) at the same time, you can create a custom bedspread that helps to uplift the room’s value. The first place to start your search is a quality fabric store where you can select from a wide variety of fabric designs and materials.

    How to Style Your Custom Bedspread

    When you look for the custom bedspread, you have the freedom to choose from material to design, size and pattern of your bedspread. If you wish to replicate the design bedspread of a magazine then you are free to do so.  However, if you will use a fabric store, make sure they have the ability to create the bedspread too so you do not get stuck learning how to sew.

    As we’ve discussed, your bedspread should be a focal point.  Your bed is the largest piece of furniture in your room, therefore, the first item that catches your attention. Make it standout with a beautiful bedspread. While customizing it, you can you pick both the fabric types and colors as well as the overall style of your bedding.

    In addition, if you get a customized bedspread, you are also able to utilize the same fabric to further accentuate your room with window treatments.  Rooms with complimentary bedding and drapes stand out and are coming back in style.  For style and comfort, it’s worth making the investment on the bedspread as they maintain the glam of room forever.

    Should you want to check out fabrics or have questions about bedspreads, reach out to Armand’s.

  • Maximalist Decor: What Is It?

    coffee table contemporary couch 1248582 - Maximalist Decor: What Is It?

    There are so many options when it comes to decor philosophies. While you may have heard of minimalist decor, you might not be aware that a maximalist decor tradition also exists. Maximalism is the total opposite of minimalism and is all about bold color, detailed patterns and luxurious fabrics. It’s already a huge trend for 2019 and will only continue to be popular as more and more people jump on the maximalist bandwagon.

    Maximalist vs Minimalist

    Maximalism is all about power, passion and joy expressed in a room’s decor, it’s something sung compared to minimalism’s whisper. For those who love glamour and luxury, maximalism is strongly attractive. However, others might be intimidated by this bold look that can take a space to new heights. For them, the quiet organization of minimalism may fit better.

    How to Maximize the Style in Your Home

    Maximalism is all about excitement and passion, which is immediately felt the moment you step into the room with such rich decor. When making maximalism work in your home, it’s all about having fun and making it your own. Focus on patterns, colors and textures and then choose ones that really catch your eyes and bring out the joy in you.

    Do you believe that interiors need to be fun and exciting, to make you smile? Maximalism does exactly that, which is why the trend is becoming so popular now.

    Here are some tips on how to incorporate Maximalism into your own space:

    Start Small

    If you’re not sure where to start, it’s better to try it in small doses so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. Start by bringing in some colorful cushions in bright and bold tones then try scattering them on your existing sofa or chairs. Add other accents as you find the things that please you. Once you get braver, you might want to add bold wallpaper to the room to up the ante!

    It’s All About Balance

    Maximalist style is about balancing carefully-thought out design with eclecticism, so it’s important that you connect your interior choices to bring the look together. Have a balanced distribution of patterns, textures and colors in a room for a symmetrical space, which will then allow you to layer even more!

    Tell a Story

    Try to add in accents and pieces that tell a story. Maximalism works best when you have a common theme throughout the room, with each piece telling part of a greater story. Do you want your home to bring up ideas of the Southwest? A redwood forest? The Renaissance? A botanist’s greenhouse? Know what you want to bring to mind.

    Make the Space an Extension of Your Personality

    Always stay true to you and what you like. Let the room be an extension of your personality. Choose colors you love, prints that bring you joy and furniture that you adore!

    Armand’s Drapery can help you with choosing window coverings and reupholstering your beloved furnishings to meet your new style. With our help, your home will look “maximum” stylish.

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  • Designing Window Treatments: Dos and Don’ts

    bigstock Interior Element Bar Stool C 282787432 - Designing Window Treatments: Dos and Don’ts

    Your window coverings are strongly influential on your home’s overall look and feel. That’s why knowing the tips and tricks of using window covering design to make your home feel just right is so important. Without guidance, you could make a room feel smaller or darker accidentally. With that in mind, here are some design basics to know:

    Don’t Mount Hardware Just Above Windows

    Mounting window coverings directly above windows misses a great opportunity to create the impression of larger windows. Mounting above the top of the window, even up to the ceiling, creates vertical lines and grand scale that give the impression of much larger windows. Conversely, low-mounted window treatments can shrink windows and give the room a crowded look.

    Hang Window Treatments Wide

    By hanging your curtains wide, you’ll make the room look bigger and better! Curtain rods can extend past the window by as much as you like, as long as you also have the appropriate amount of drapery fabric to cover from one end of the rod all the way to the other when the window dressing is closed. This can make your windows look quite large.

    Do Choose Floor Length Curtains

    Stopping curtains at window sill length is a common mistake. Cutting short the curtain length is quite a large visual mistake, though. The long lines of floor length curtains create the illusion of a larger room and larger windows. For a tailored look, they should just kiss the floor or hover over it about half of an inch.

    Layer Your Window Treatments

    The best styled windows always have multiple layers of window treatments. They might combine blinds, roman shades, drapes or valance combinations. With more window treatments, you get a more appealing aesthetic, better light management, and better insulation.

    Don’t Go Solo

    Deciding on window treatments is best done in the company of a professional designer, window treatment expert, or interior decorator. Armand’s Drapery has experts available to help you make great window covering decisions.