Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Window Treatments

bigstock Young man installing window sh 189674719 1[1] - Beginner's Guide to Choosing Window Treatments Plastic blinds are extremely common on rentals and new homes. It makes sense because they’re cheap and they work. But plastic blinds are the dry bread of window treatments. Let’s look at some ways you can add flavor and make your windows look delicious.

There are two paths to revamping your windows: ordering custom treatments or shopping retail. Getting help from a custom window covering specialist is always best because it cuts down on the risk of error, but you can go the DIY route if you’re on a budget.

First Things First: Before You Buy

Before doing anything else, decide what you want your window covering to do for you. Are you looking to create privacy, control light levels, or make your space meet your aesthetic tastes? Maybe two of these things but not the other? Figure out your priorities before you move forward.

Now check out Pinterest, or Instagram, or where ever you find inspiration. Take notice of window covering where you go. Start paying attention and narrowing down what you like and what you like about those things.

Instead of deciding on an exact budget, it’s good to know what range you’re able to spend. Consider if you’d want to get new coverings for fewer windows to get what you really want where it matters most. Having a whole house of new window coverings you don’t really like doesn’t usually make people happy, even if it keeps them within budget.

And always remember that professional installation should be calculated in as you estimate costs unless you plan to install them yourself.

“Hard” Window Treatments

Some of the things we cover windows with are considered “hard” window treatments. This includes shutters and blinds. Blinds are adjustable and can block most light, let most light through, or do something in between. Shutters can be adjustable, but are not always. There are mass produced versions of these, or custom ones can be made. These impart a clean look, and have simple lines.

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“Soft” Window Treatments

Soft window treatments include shades and curtains. Although they don’t allow for light-filtering adjustments like blinds, they come in varying levels of opacity. Curtains bring a soft look, and shades can be soft like roman shades, or be more strict looking, like a roll-shade.

Whatever you decide on, having a professional help you with measurements is always a good idea. Contact Armand’s Draperies with any questions you have or to get started on new window covering today!