Blackout Curtains: How To Get The Darkness You Crave

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Blackout curtains aren’t just for your bedroom. They can be used in any rooms of your home that you want to block light from entering. The great thing about many blackout curtains today is how stylish they are, coming in a range of colors and textures. Not only do they function well, but they look good, too! Here are some tips on how to choose the best blackout curtains to get the darkness you crave:

There’s A Difference Between Curtains And Drapes

Many people think that curtains and drapes are the same, but they’d be wrong. Curtains features only one layer of fabric and will allow some light to enter a room. Because you want the room void of any light, you’ll need thicker fabric to do so. Drapes are thicker, extend farther past the window edges, and can feature blackout attributes via a special layer of blackout fabric. Although drapes traditionally were darker colors, they are now available in lighter options, including white.

Keep Your Curtains and Get Darkness

You can add blackout curtains to your existing window treatments. You’ll just need special blackout curtain liners that you can hang on a double rod or clip them onto the existing rod. You can purchase white blackout curtains to preserve the light, fresh day time look.

A Ride Range of Options

With so many blackout curtain options, you’re bound to find the perfect ones to complement your room. There are a wide range of colors, patterns and more. Whether you like rod pockets, grommet tops or even roll shades, you’ll find that there’s a blackout fabric option to try.

They Not Only Keep Out Light But Benefit Your Home

Blackout curtains are great because they not only keep out unwanted light, but can lower your electricity bills. They cut the amount of UV rays and sunlight that enter a room, which protects floors and furniture from sun damage and fading. You’ll see that they can keep a room cooler during the summer, while also letting you get some much needed sleep!

Blackout curtains are wise investments for your home. They’re affordable and stylish and make a great addition to various rooms!