• 5 Unique Advantages of Motorized Sunshades

    With the growing popularity of home automation, today’s homeowners are interested in making their living spaces smarter than ever before. One simple home improvement project is to install motorized sunshades. These hands-free devices come with a long list of advantages. Below are 5 unique benefits you can enjoy with a quick upgrade to your window dressings.

    Safety First

    Do you have pets or young children at home? If so, you can enhance the safety factor in your living space by installing motorized sunshades. There’s just something about dangly window treatments that is attractive to both pets and babies. In fact, these cords can be dangerous and result in injury. But motorized window dressings are completely cordless.


    The ability to adjust each sunshade with the press of a button is a priceless feature. It’s a convenient time-saver, especially for busy homeowners with lots of rooms and plenty of windows. No more fussing with cords or trying to get the best angle in order to ensure your blinds work properly.

    Motorized Sunshades & Better Sleep

    Motorized sunshades can also dramatically improve your sleep. First of all, these modern shades can completely block out any outside light. This in turn boosts your melatonin levels and helps to regulate your natural circadian rhythm.

    Secondly, you can program your shutters so they open exactly when you want to wake up. This enables you to rise with sunlight, instead of that annoying alarm clock.

    Improved Security

    Another exceptional advantage of using motorized sunshades is that they can actually protect you from criminals, especially when you’re gone. Home automation is a modern concept that can be used to make your home appear lived in. It’s easy to remotely open or close your shades by using an app on your mobile device.

    If you’re on a trip to another country, you can even set a timer to ensure your sunshades are adjusted at certain intervals. You can also operate them manually, especially when you know the risk for burglaries is greater. Combine this technology with CCTV cameras, automated lights, and alerts to deter any burglar from targeting your home.

    Boost the Value of Your Home

    Overall, motorized sunshades can boost the value of your home, too. In addition to their modern aesthetic appeal and increased safety features, they add financial value to your home. You can further increase the value of your property by implementing other smart features.

    Motorized Sunshades Quote

    If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of motorized sunshades, give us a call for a free estimate at 925.283.8717, or view our other products online. During the pandemic, we are also offering virtual appointments, as well as repair drop-offs.

  • The Benefits of Sunshades

    You probably dread walking into a room to find that it’s become scorching hot from the summer sun. Fortunately, you can keep this from happening by using a sunshade. Sunshades will prevent some light from entering your windows, which will keep the temperature down.

    Not only can sunshades keep you more comfortable during the summer, but they’re also a great way to save money on heating costs in the winter! That’s because they provide an extra layer of insulation at night. Here are a few of the most important things to know about them:

    Where to Place Your Sunshades

    In order to save money on heating and cooling costs, it’s best to place your sunshades on south-facing windows in the summer and north-facing windows during the winter. That’s because the sun is at its strongest when it is in the southern part of the sky, and preventing it from entering through these windows can reduce your air conditioning expenses considerably.

    Similarly, little to no sunlight enters the north-facing windows of your home, which means that placing a sunshade on these windows can help to lock in heat during the winter, allowing you to save money on heating expenses.

    When the Sun Rises Before You Do

    If you find it irritating when the sun rises and wakes you up too early in the morning, you’re not alone. This is especially frustrating if you work the night shift, or have sleep issues. Placing a sunshade in your bedroom can help you catch some extra Z’s, and also keep your bedroom from getting too hot on summer mornings.

    Home Sunshades Look Great

    Window coverings should complement the interior design of your home. Luckily, there are many stylish sunshades that would look great in your home or office. Armand’s Drapery is now open for limited appointments, both virtually, and in person. Our knowledgeable interior design specialists are available to help you, whether you need window dressings for one window, or the whole house. Call us at (925) 283-8717.

  • Different Types of Window Treatments

    bigstock 205515481 - Different Types of Window Treatments

    Windows are a key part of every room in the home, as well as external spaces like porches and gazebos. Each window can let in daylight and air, and offer stunning views of the scenery outside. When buying window treatments, there are few features to think about.

    Different window treatments have different purposes. Consider the purpose of your window treatments in each room. Are they there for aesthetic reasons? Do you hope to block light to make a darker bedroom or create a relaxed living room? Often, your window treatments will be a mixture of the items shown below, as each covering is specific to each room, or even each window. Use this guide to help you get clear on what is essential to you.

    Window treatments are divided into 3 different categories:

    • Hard window treatments are mostly made of hard materials like wood. For instance: shades, shutters, and blinds.
    • Soft window treatments are anything made of soft materials. For example: sheers, curtains, drapes, valances, and roman shades.
    • Layered window treatments are a mixture of both hard window treatments and soft window treatments.



    Blind covers are made of solid materials. For example, slatted blinds and wooden shutters are usually fixed to cover up the windowpane only. They will leave the window trim uncovered.

    Blinds can be very helpful for closing out the sunlight, when the blind is made with a broad and solid material. They are comprised of slats that can be accustomed to let light and airflow through.



    It can be located on the inside of the windows, or more often on the outside of the window. Shutters come in a multiple styles and colors. Some common shape that you may be recognizable with include shaker style shutters and louvered shutters.



    It is alike to blinds as they roll downward over the windows to stop the light and to control the temperature. Normally, they are made of bamboo and don’t have slats like blinds. Because of this, they make outstanding insulators.

    Occasionally, it can be united with curtains to form the desired look. Because blinds are so efficient at stopping the light and they are used for their functionality. Though, fashionable and modern rooms often use shades only, to create an aerodynamic look.



    Curtains can decrease up to 80% of external noises! The most stimulating feature of curtains is their look and the way they can be used to decorate the space. Colors come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles and can be easily changed when desired.



    It is different from curtains as it is double lined, and is usually made of thick fabric. While curtains are used to add a decorative touch to space, drapes can be seen as additional convenient, though they are often attractive to look at as well. Thick drapes can be used to block the sun or chilly air.


    If you have questions about the different types of window treatments, talk to the experts at Armand’s Drapery.

  • Advantage of Natural Shades

    Many window treatments utilize synthetics or metals but there is something to be said about natural shades.  The impact these shades have within a room is unlike any other.  The following are just some things to keep in mind when considering natural shades like those made from wood or grass:


    Since wood, reed, and grass shades come from natural materials, they warm up a room and can alter the feel of the entire home.  This is particularly true if there are other natural elements in the room.


    Natural shades come in a vast array of materials.  For instance, woven wood shades can be found in various color woods or even bamboo.  You might even find natural yarns created into shades.


    Just because it is a natural shade doesn’t mean you are limited by colors.  Natural materials come in a variety of colors that accentuate and enhance a home’s decor.


    Natural shades don’t have to be plain or “vanilla”.  You can get them with various edge trims that change the personality of the look. Soft and flowy to crisp and geometric.

    Variety of Shapes

    If you have a variety of window sizes and shapes, do not be afraid of natural shades.  They can custom made to fit your needs.

    Automated or Not

    Similar to shape, the desire for automated window coverings shouldn’t dissuade you from using natural shades.  They are able to be installed with a diverse number of operational mechanisms.


    Similar to draperies, your shades may also have either regular or blackout lining so that you may have energy efficiency and all the benefits of linings.

    As humans, we often try to find synthetic or human made solutions. However, we often forget that nature has already provided us with many of the solutions we seek.  Natural shades are a perfect example of the benefits of using what we have.  If you have questions about natural shades, talk to the experts at Armand’s Drapery.

  • Designing Window Treatments: Dos and Don’ts

    bigstock Interior Element Bar Stool C 282787432 - Designing Window Treatments: Dos and Don’ts

    Your window coverings are strongly influential on your home’s overall look and feel. That’s why knowing the tips and tricks of using window covering design to make your home feel just right is so important. Without guidance, you could make a room feel smaller or darker accidentally. With that in mind, here are some design basics to know:

    Don’t Mount Hardware Just Above Windows

    Mounting window coverings directly above windows misses a great opportunity to create the impression of larger windows. Mounting above the top of the window, even up to the ceiling, creates vertical lines and grand scale that give the impression of much larger windows. Conversely, low-mounted window treatments can shrink windows and give the room a crowded look.

    Hang Window Treatments Wide

    By hanging your curtains wide, you’ll make the room look bigger and better! Curtain rods can extend past the window by as much as you like, as long as you also have the appropriate amount of drapery fabric to cover from one end of the rod all the way to the other when the window dressing is closed. This can make your windows look quite large.

    Do Choose Floor Length Curtains

    Stopping curtains at window sill length is a common mistake. Cutting short the curtain length is quite a large visual mistake, though. The long lines of floor length curtains create the illusion of a larger room and larger windows. For a tailored look, they should just kiss the floor or hover over it about half of an inch.

    Layer Your Window Treatments

    The best styled windows always have multiple layers of window treatments. They might combine blinds, roman shades, drapes or valance combinations. With more window treatments, you get a more appealing aesthetic, better light management, and better insulation.

    Don’t Go Solo

    Deciding on window treatments is best done in the company of a professional designer, window treatment expert, or interior decorator. Armand’s Drapery has experts available to help you make great window covering decisions.