• 3 Decorative Shutters that are Popular in 2020

    Decorative shutters are mainly used to add a little flair to the overall ambiance of a room. They can be installed indoors, or on the exterior of your windows. Although, some decorative shutters are more ideal for interior installation than others. Are you looking for a little home improvement project? Here are three popular shutters for 2020.

    1. Rustic Wooden Shutters

    If you prefer a natural, pastoral look, then this might be a great option for your home. Rustic wood shutters are available in a variety of styles, and sometimes they’re made from reclaimed wood for that distressed look. There are also designs with cutouts or metal accents. Use these decorative shutters to create a wonderful fusion of elegance and picturesque country charm in any room.

    2. Cafe Style Decorative Shutters

    You’ve probably seen these shutters but didn’t know what they were called. Similar to cafe curtains, they only cover the bottom half of a window. The top of your windows are left open, which is ideal if you want privacy without sacrificing sunlight. On some designs, you could also add decorative handles to customize your shutters.

    3. Vinyl Shutters

    Vinyl is a popular material in home improvement projects, from siding to flooring, and it’s not hard to see why. These shutters require very little maintenance when compared to wood or aluminum options. Plus, they’re durable and come in many different colors and styles. Additionally, vinyl shutters that are installed on the exterior of your home won’t fade or peel like wooden shutters.

    Shopping for Decorative Shutters?

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  • The Impact of Shutters on a Home

    Did you know that shutters can be installed on the interior or the exterior of a home? If you’re looking for a classic window treatment with a lot of character, read on to learn more about the ways shutters can benefit your living space.

    Save on Energy Costs

    If you need to use the AC to stay cool in the summer, installing shutters can prevent cold air from escaping through the windows. They can also be adjusted to stop or modify sunlight from coming through the windows and heating up your rooms.

    On the other hand, they act as an extra layer of insulation in the colder winter months. They’re thick and help to retain warmth, so it doesn’t escape through the windows. This results in lower heating and cooling costs all throughout the year.

    Beauty & Value

    Shutters are available in a diverse range of colors and styles, and can even be customized to ensure they complement the design of your home. Of course, any home improvement upgrade can increase your property’s value. If you plan on eventually selling, shutters create an eye-catching look that boosts your home’s curb appeal.

    Privacy and Safety

    Another benefit is that they give you a sense of privacy from your neighbors but light can still come in, depending on how they’re adjusted. This way, you can have all the sunlight you want without worrying about passersby looking through the windows. Additionally, shutters also make it more difficult for anyone to break in.

    Easy to Clean & Operate

    Shutters are easy to operate and they don’t have any cords that can get knotted. It’s also simple to adjust them to change the amount of privacy and light they provide. Plus, they don’t require much upkeep and they’re easy to clean.

    Protect Your Furniture

    Did you know that UV rays from the sun can fade and damage the upholstery on your furniture? While it’s true this takes time, it’s also most likely inevitable without the right window dressings. Thankfully, shutters protect furniture better than most blinds.

    Shutters Near Me

    At Armand’s Drapery, we provide a wide range of window treatment options to add value and comfort to your living space. For an estimate, call us at (925) 283-8717, or reach out online. We offer free in-home design consultations and virtual appointments, too.

  • Keeping Your Home Cool with Shutters

    With another hot summer on the horizon, you’re probably thinking about ways to keep your home cool. The cusp of summer is the perfect time to install sturdy, energy-saving shutters on your windows. They can help tremendously to keep indoor environments comfortable.

    Benefits of Shutters

    Windows and doors are responsible for much of a home’s temperature fluctuations. With the shading and insulation of window shutters, temperatures are easier to regulate. Shutters provide a thermal barrier, and they’re also one of the more attractive ways to keep your home cool. They prevent outdoor heat from penetrating glass and interior rooms, block intense sunlight, and can even let in a breeze when louvers are positioned right. Additionally, shutters are easy to open and close with coordinated slats and hinged frame sides. They give homeowners plenty of privacy, and the style options are vast.

    How Shutters Keep a Home Cool

    Insulation: Shutters provide great insulation because they enclose the window frame to encourage a sealed effect. They are created to resist heat transference more effectively than traditional styles of blinds and curtains, and any gaps or cracks can be caulked for added benefits.

    R-Value: Windows are assigned “R-Values” that are based on construction and shutter type. This measures how well material halts or slows heat movement. High R-Value figures equal hardier insulation and energy efficiency. Shutters have much higher R-Values (the 3 to 6 range) than other window coverings. Blinds fall in the 1 to 2 range.

    Air pockets: Shutters like the faux-wood variety have hollow cores in the frames and slats, creating air pockets that resist heat transfer and insulate quite well. In fact, that air pocket blocks heat. This is one of the ways to keep your home cool. They’re made with PVC or vinyl and painted to appear like stained or painted wood. This style of shutter has to be made in specific sizes and works best on small or medium windows.

    Wood cores: For larger windows, faux wood shutters can be made with wood cores in the framing. This adds stability. The insulation effect isn’t as good as air-pocket versions, but it is still much better than other options.

    Solid wood: Natural wood is slightly lower on the effectiveness scale for insulation but does still offer natural protection from the tiny air pockets in the wood. Cellular structure in wood contains natural air bubbles. Large windows do well with this option, and they hold up against direct sun exposure, too.

    East Bay Shutters for Your Home

    At Armand’s Drapery, Shutters & Upholstery, we offer a wide range of shutter styles, including café, full height, wood, composite, outdoor/indoor, and poly resin. Not sure which option is best for your home? No problem. We offer a free consultation, and we make sure your shutters are professionally installed by members of our team. Contact us at (925) 283-8717.

  • The Easiest Ways to Clean Blinds and Shutters

    “I love cleaning blinds,” said no one ever. The truth is that most people dread cleaning blinds and shutters because they are not very easy to clean. If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place.

    Keep reading to learn the easiest ways to clean blinds and dread it no more.

    1. Socks and Rulers

    This might sound funny but it is a perfect way to clean even the narrowest of blinds. It does not matter the type of blinds you own you can wrap a sock around a ruler and use it in between each blind.

    You can add some soap and water to your sock to trap extra dirt and get a cleaner result.

    2. Dryer Sheets

    You can use dryer sheets for so many things around the house besides laundry, including to keep dust on your blinds at a minimum. Make sure to rub both sides of each blind to ensure that both sides have less dust clinging to them. The dryer sheets will help create a barrier to prevent dust from accumulating, in turn, not having to clean your blinds as often.

    3. Paintbrush

    This method is perfect for blinds that are extremely dirty. Fill up a container with hot water and soap and use the paintbrush, like a broom. Clean each blind individually and use a dry towel to dry each piece as you clean it with the paintbrush.

    Pro tip: Clean the paintbrush often to avoid transferring dirt from one blind to the next.

    4. Vacuum

    If you have a brush attachment on your vacuum, use it every time you vacuum your home. The great thing about this method is that as long as your vacuum is powerful enough it will catch dust that you might have missed otherwise.

    Clean each piece individually on both sides and once you are done close the blinds and use the brush over the entire blinds. Vacuum attachments will also help you clean hard to reach places on your window treatments.

    If you happen to have fabric blinds then using the vacuum is a must. Fabric blinds are something that you do not want to let dust accumulate to avoid it becoming a nightmare.

    5. Toothbrush

    If you have super tiny blinds then a toothbrush is probably better than a paintbrush. You can soak the toothbrush in hot soapy water and scrub piece by piece, front, and back. Dry each piece with a dry cloth to prevent any water stains or marks.

    Now You Know the Easiest Ways to Clean Blinds

    After learning all of the tips above on the easiest ways to clean blinds, which method or methods will you choose to try? Why not try all of them and then choose your favorite?

    If you are not happy with your blinds or shutters after you clean them, then it might be time to replace them. If your blinds have seen their better years and you are ready for an upgrade, please contact us today, we would love to hear from you and help you choose the best blinds for your home!

  • How Shutters and Blinds Help With Energy Costs

    The cooling and heating of your home are responsible for 47% of the energy that your home uses. Your home’s windows, however, are working against your effort to keep energy loss and energy costs to a minimum.

    What can you do to keep heat or air conditioning from escaping through your windows?

    What are the best window coverings to keep heat out during the warm months?

    What are the best window coverings for winter?

    If you’re trying to lessen the energy that is literally going out the window, stick with us. Learn more about energy saving blinds and energy saving shutters here.

    Energy Saving Blinds and Shutters

    If you’re spending more money than you’d like on heating and cooling, you’ll want to equip your home with energy-efficient window treatments. With all of our amazing choices in blinds and shutters, your home will look great while being more energy-efficient.

    How Do Blinds and Shutters Help Lower Energy Costs?

    Minimal effort on your part can make a big difference in your energy costs. Let’s look at how your blinds and shutters help keep the right temperature in your home without wasting electricity.

    Opening and Closing

    Close your blinds or shutters when the sun is shining directly in your windows when you are running your air conditioner. Close them at night during the winter to keep heat from escaping. Your blinds serve as an insulator.

    On sunny winter days, open up those blinds or shutters and let the sun heat up your home. On warm summer nights, open your blinds or shutters to allow heat to escape.


    Shutters are installed in the window frame enclosing the frame and creating a seal. The way that shutters are constructed also enables them to resist heat transfer.

    Faux wood shutters are the most energy-efficient option. These vinyl or PVC shutters are hollow, creating an air pocket. This air pocket keeps your home from losing heat in the winter or gaining heat from outside during the summer.


    What are the best blinds to keep heat out? Reflective blinds are your best bet. They reflect heat and light making them more energy-efficient than other types of blinds.

    The reflective side of the blinds should always face the heat, so out in the summer and in during the winter months.

    Which Ones Fit Your Home’s Style?

    Now that you know how energy saving blinds and shutters can save you money on energy costs, you can find the right ones to fit the style of your home.

    Do you know who can help you with all your blind and shutter needs? We at Armand’s Drapery, Shutters and Upholstery have been in the business for over 60 years.

    Call us today to schedule an in-home consultation. Our interior design specialist will discuss your style and your home’s energy-saving needs to find the right products for you.