• 3 Decorative Shutters that are Popular in 2020

    Decorative shutters are mainly used to add a little flair to the overall ambiance of a room. They can be installed indoors, or on the exterior of your windows. Although, some decorative shutters are more ideal for interior installation than others. Are you looking for a little home improvement project? Here are three popular shutters for 2020.

    1. Rustic Wooden Shutters

    If you prefer a natural, pastoral look, then this might be a great option for your home. Rustic wood shutters are available in a variety of styles, and sometimes they’re made from reclaimed wood for that distressed look. There are also designs with cutouts or metal accents. Use these decorative shutters to create a wonderful fusion of elegance and picturesque country charm in any room.

    2. Cafe Style Decorative Shutters

    You’ve probably seen these shutters but didn’t know what they were called. Similar to cafe curtains, they only cover the bottom half of a window. The top of your windows are left open, which is ideal if you want privacy without sacrificing sunlight. On some designs, you could also add decorative handles to customize your shutters.

    3. Vinyl Shutters

    Vinyl is a popular material in home improvement projects, from siding to flooring, and it’s not hard to see why. These shutters require very little maintenance when compared to wood or aluminum options. Plus, they’re durable and come in many different colors and styles. Additionally, vinyl shutters that are installed on the exterior of your home won’t fade or peel like wooden shutters.

    Shopping for Decorative Shutters?

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  • 5 Unique Advantages of Motorized Sunshades

    With the growing popularity of home automation, today’s homeowners are interested in making their living spaces smarter than ever before. One simple home improvement project is to install motorized sunshades. These hands-free devices come with a long list of advantages. Below are 5 unique benefits you can enjoy with a quick upgrade to your window dressings.

    Safety First

    Do you have pets or young children at home? If so, you can enhance the safety factor in your living space by installing motorized sunshades. There’s just something about dangly window treatments that is attractive to both pets and babies. In fact, these cords can be dangerous and result in injury. But motorized window dressings are completely cordless.


    The ability to adjust each sunshade with the press of a button is a priceless feature. It’s a convenient time-saver, especially for busy homeowners with lots of rooms and plenty of windows. No more fussing with cords or trying to get the best angle in order to ensure your blinds work properly.

    Motorized Sunshades & Better Sleep

    Motorized sunshades can also dramatically improve your sleep. First of all, these modern shades can completely block out any outside light. This in turn boosts your melatonin levels and helps to regulate your natural circadian rhythm.

    Secondly, you can program your shutters so they open exactly when you want to wake up. This enables you to rise with sunlight, instead of that annoying alarm clock.

    Improved Security

    Another exceptional advantage of using motorized sunshades is that they can actually protect you from criminals, especially when you’re gone. Home automation is a modern concept that can be used to make your home appear lived in. It’s easy to remotely open or close your shades by using an app on your mobile device.

    If you’re on a trip to another country, you can even set a timer to ensure your sunshades are adjusted at certain intervals. You can also operate them manually, especially when you know the risk for burglaries is greater. Combine this technology with CCTV cameras, automated lights, and alerts to deter any burglar from targeting your home.

    Boost the Value of Your Home

    Overall, motorized sunshades can boost the value of your home, too. In addition to their modern aesthetic appeal and increased safety features, they add financial value to your home. You can further increase the value of your property by implementing other smart features.

    Motorized Sunshades Quote

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  • Best Types of Blinds for a Home

    Whether you live in a studio apartment, a townhouse, or a place in the country, the type of blinds you choose are sure to have an impact on the look and functionality of your home. 

    Because there are many types of blinds to choose from, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. At Armand’s, we can help you find the perfect window fixtures for your home. We offer customizable color, weight, size, and style options to fit the specific needs of your living space and lifestyle. 

    When deciding on the type of blind that’s best for you, consider both its purpose, and the room in question. For instance, a room that is used often and receives a lot of natural light may be best served by a simple and well-made blind. Consider a natural material like wood, with customizable light control. For a garage window, on the other hand, where functionality is more necessary than appearance, a more utilitarian window blind may be just the ticket. 

    What are My Options?

    To better explore your options when it comes to finding the best types of blinds for your home, let’s first learn a little more about the composition of window blinds. 

    Horizontal vs Vertical 

    Blinds are generally constructed of slats of hard material. This is either synthetic, such as plastic, or natural, such as wood. The direction of the slats varies by style. They can be horizontal or vertical.

    Horizontal slats generally allow for more precise light control. Although, vertical slats are usually best for privacy and coverage. Vertical blinds are best used on sliding windows and doors. They’re easy to clean because the vertical construction discourages dust from gathering. Also, because they open and close to the side, they’re quick and easy to operate. 

    Horizontal blinds are more varied in terms of the options they come in. Persian blinds are the most common variety. In this design, horizontal slats are attached to a string which can be rotated via a control stick. They can also be pulled up completely to uncover the entire window. 

    Venetian blinds are another type of horizontal blind. These types of blinds are often made of wood, and may sometimes have a slightly different level of light control customization, depending on the specific brand and style you choose. 

    Types of Blinds for Your Home

    Whatever types of blinds you’re looking for, Armand’s Drapery, Shutters & Upholstery is here to help you select, source, and install the blinds that are right for you. Give us a call at (925) 283-8717 for a free estimate.

  • Ways to Refresh Your Home This Spring

    Spring is a time of renewal. This season marks the awakening and rejuvenation of everything in nature, from plants to animals. To welcome the arrival of spring, refresh your home and get yourself in the springtime spirit. Here are some simple ideas to get started…


    An easy way to refresh your home and add a springtime feel is to bring flowers and greenery into your space. Visit a local nursery or flower shop.

    To care for cut flowers, remember to trim the bottoms at an angle before arranging them in a vase filled with water. Pro tip: warm water will encourage blooms to open, while cold water will keep them closed. Choose the water temperature based on the appearance of your blooms. If there are many buds on the stalk, warm water may be a good option. If they’re already open wide, cold water will help preserve their shape. 

    Nurseries are the best place to find potted plants of all kinds. If flowers aren’t your thing, you’re in luck. You’ll discover a wide variety of greenery and even edible plants at your local nursery. A potted herb or spice, for instance, can add beauty as well as function to your home. If you choose to buy a potted plant, make sure it has enough space in its container. Also, be sure to ask a nursery staff member about the care and feeding of your new purchase. 

    Spring Cleaning

    Spring cleaning is a great way to refresh your home and welcome the start of a new season. Look online to find a spring cleaning guide that works for you.

    A day spent washing bedding, carpets, and upholstery is a worthwhile time investment that boosts your mood. While spring cleaning, be sure to go through your closets and sort through clothing. Store away winter items and pull out unused clothing for donation or disposal. Living in an organized space is good for quality of life and peace of mind. 

    Refresh Your Home

    While you refresh your home this spring, you may find that your living space needs a little bit of an extra lift. Torn or faded draperies can make a home look dingy, even when it’s clean. Consider replacing overlooked window dressings that may be worse for wear. If you find that your window treatments no longer reflect your style, or are due for an upgrade, a simple switch can work wonders for your space.

    New draperies and window treatments can instantly refresh a home’s appearance, and even improve its value. Contact us at Armand’s Drapery to learn more about your home improvement options. Call us now at (925) 283-8717 to schedule your free consultation. Happy spring!

  • Exciting Wallpaper Trends for 2020

    One thing that’s undeniable about trends is that they return. Wallpaper was all the rage for decades and then, in the 1930s, it began to fall out of fashion. Like all good things, it’s back, and not just casually, but with a passion. In recent years, this decorative wall covering has once again become a hot item for both interior designers and DIY enthusiasts. In 2020, it’s poised to make a big return. Read on to learn about the biggest wallpaper trends for this year. 

    Bold Wallpaper Trends

    The defining similarity throughout all wallpaper trends in 2020 is that they’re bold. Look for bright colors, shapes, and statement graphics. Think of wallpaper as an opportunity to showcase your personal style. The look of 2020 is not the wallpaper of yore, sprinkled here and there with tiny accents. Rather, it’s meant to make a statement. Think of walls as additional surface space waiting to be filled to add a pop of fun or elegance to your home. 


    Plant-based diets have increased dramatically in recent years. This may or may not have something to do with the recent popularity of plant-centric wallpaper. Expect to see vivid options patterned with dramatic images of greenery or blossoms. Color is central here. Embrace radiant and jewel-toned colors that create a mood. Animals can also feature into the scene and inform the color palette, along with plant and mineral life. Think rich emerald greens, songbird egg blues, canary yellows, and amethyst purples. 

    Geometric Wallpaper Trends

    Another big trend in wallpaper for 2020 is geometric patterns. This look features squares, rectangles, triangles, or sharp repeating patterns in contrasting colors. Depending on the thickness of the lines, geometric wallpaper can create a feeling of simple minimalism. Consider shapes in contrasting or background complementary colors.

    3-D and Metallic

    Somewhat futuristic, these two trends add a unique twist to conventional wallpaper design. While not evident at a distance, 3-D wallpaper will have your guests doing a double take at close range. This feature adds a subtle hint of something unique. It’s ideal for someone who wants to embrace unconventionality with restraint. 

    Metallic paper is one of the most dramatic choices. It transforms wall space into mirror-like surfaces. This wallpaper adds a shot of glamour. It can seem either futuristic or old-world, depending on the selection. The interesting thing about metallics is that they sometimes even remind us of the future and the past at once, evoking both space-exploring rocket ships and the Palace of Versailles. 

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