Child Safe Window Treatments: Cordless Blinds

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Do you worry about child safe window treatments? Do you get frustrated with your blinds’ cords? It can be scary when the cords get shredded or tangled between each strand. Are your kids at risk? Sometimes cords even break apart; making it almost impossible to lower and raise your blinds. However, most of us tolerate our blind cords till they’re completely broken. Holding our breath and watching kids closely. A messed up cord generally doesn’t seem like enough to spend money on a new set of blinds.

There Are Serious Safety Considerations

Recent data has given us a new and very compelling reasons to banish blinds with cords. Your child or grandchild’s safety is in fact at risk. Data over the last several decades has found that cords are a choking and safety hazard for young children. In fact, Consumer Product Safety Commission classified corded window coverings one of the top 5 hidden hazards in American homes. Infants and children can accidentally become entangled in window blind cords. Kids can have their breathing impacted when they’re stuck in them. 

Buy Cordless for Child Safe Window Treatments

Blinds and shades have dramatically changed over time. Now, they’ve developed hidden mechanisms where you use your hand to just raise and drop them. Cordless blinds and shades are safer and better able protect your vulnerable family members.