A Custom Tablecloth Can Bring Personalized Style

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For almost too many reasons to list, having your table covered with a tablecloth helps you keep your life in order. You might be wondering, how could something so simple really make your life easier?

A custom tablecloth can add eth final touch to your dining space, protecting your table and making your home easier to clean. Of course you can buy a tablecloth premade as long as you love white linen, checkers or plaid. And don’t mind a sloppy fit. If you prefer to look original and organized, a custom tablecloth is the way to go.

Your dining room table is the center of family dinner parties, holiday get togethers and even everyday family dinners. Because of this, it’s important to have the right tablecloth for your dining room table. This is your home, it should reflect you. Elegant and stylish tablecloths can impress friends and family, but also help establish the aesthetic and sentiment you want in your home.


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Great Idеаѕ For Tаblесlоthѕ

Having your custom tablecloth created is a time to consider all your options. This piece will be well-made and last many years, so make it how you want it.

Pick A Соlоr Any Соlоr:

You can choose a shade that matches or compliments other parts of your home, or let the color be intense and create focus on the table. Also consider choosing fabric with shine, metallic sheen, or interesting textures.

Think Big And Bоld Prints:

With an all-over print, you can use a pattern to create a feel of movement, energy, excitement. 

Use Faux Leather:

Faux leather fabric is perfect for creating a strong, rustic statement piece with your tablecloth. This animal-friendly fabric creates a comfortable tabletop.

Dоn’t Fоrgеt Thе Edges:

Adding visual interest to the edges of your tablecloth can make people take notice. You can have a wide hem, ribbon, corner tassels, what would you like?


Your table cloth can be anywhere from just a runner down the center of the table to floor-length, and anywhere in between. Do you want the table legs to show? Just the feet? Will people’s legs be tucking under? Consider your length options.

Shape Matters:

There are, of course, square, round and rectangular table cloths. Have you considered other shapes, like scallop-edged, or splat-shaped so that the corners hang to long points?

Custom Tablecloth Tірѕ

  • – Consider future washing and ironing procedures when selecting fabrics and notions for your tablecloth.
  • – If you do get wrinkles, check that your fabric is iron-safe before using an iron on it.
  • – Wash your tablecloth according to the directions you were given when it was made.
  • – When not in use, fold your tablecloth and store it in a dry area to avoid wrinkling.

Here at Armands, we create custom tablecloths for you.