Draperies Impact on Energy Costs

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Are you wondering how to lower energy costs? Not only are draperies stylish, but they can also reduce your utility expenses throughout the year. During the summer months, drapes repel heat, lessening the need for air conditioning. But in the winter, this extra insulation actually retains warm, cutting down on your heating bill. Read on to learn more about how draperies can impact your monthly energy bill.

How to Lower Energy Costs

When you figure out how to lower energy costs, these savings can really add up over time. A study conducted by the US Department of Energy found that drapes with a plastic lining decreased solar heat by one third. That is pretty impressive!

The key to minimizing solar heat gain is to maintain a tight seal. Ideally, drapes should reach the windowsill or floor. A valance can also assist with this goal. Research has also shown that maintaining a tight seal can lead to a 19% reduction in heat transmission.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Drapes with a white liner reflect the sun, which further reduces the amount of heat entering your home. Because your home stays cooler, the air conditioner will not have to work as hard. Not only does this reduce your energy bill, but it’s also more environmentally friendly.

Warmer Winters

The amount of heat retention drapes provide in the winter will vary depending on your home. For example, it’s relevant to note if you have single or double-pane glass on your windows.

In colder winter months, it’s best to keep drapes open during the day, especially for windows on the south and west side of your building. This allows the sun’s solar heat to warm the property. It also prevents condensation from forming between the drapes and the window panes. In the evening, pull the drapes closed to insulate your home.

Design and Style

Now that you know how to lower energy costs, you can browse our draperies online, or schedule a free consultation at (925) 283-8717. We offer a wide range of fabrics and designs to choose from so you always get the style you want for your home.