Hanging your Draperies

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For months, we’ve spoken about the beauty and impact of draperies.  However, without a means to hang the drapes, all we have is fabric.  So how do we transform a piece of fabric to draperies?  Does it matter the method?  The short answers are yes the method matters and there are several ways in hanging your draperies.

Where to start in Choosing the Best Way in Hanging your Draperies

In the modern age, draperies do not have to be stationary objects.  Mechanisms exist to allow for draperies and their lining to automatically open and close.  Thus, ask yourself, do you want to have stationary drapes or movable ones.  If you prefer stationary draperies, which are mainly for decoration, then a short rod would suffice. However, if you are going have them move, then you should consider a track that either functions via wireless technology or embedded wiring.

The Size of the Drapery Rod Matters

When determine the size of the drapery rod, look at the room and fabric.  What is the size of the room?  How heave is the fabric?  If the room is small, you don’t want a rod that overwhelms a room.  Also, the weight of the fabric will also impact the size of the rod that is needed.  For instance, a rod that is merely 1 inch in diameter can only support more delicate fabrics.  Therefore, keep the above in mind when determining the rod size.


Keeping the home and room looking clean and balanced is impacted by each aspect of the room.  The styling of the rod could clash or alter the entire feel of the area.  If the room is filled with silver and you put gold rods, it could cause the room to look chaotic.  Alternatively, should you have an intricate rod head when the rest of the room in minimalistic then your room could feel confused.  Keep in mind the style you are seeking when choosing how to hang your draperies.

Avoid Mass Market Items

If you get custom draperies, do not cheapen out and get ready made rods.  These are not built to handle the weight and quality of custom draperies.  They are prone to bending, sagging, and potentially breaking.

The bottom line is that the way in handing your draperies impacts your room just as much the fabric itself.  Take the time to educate yourself and choose the right drapery rod for your home.  If you have questions, reach out to the experts at Armand’s Draperies.