How To Measure For Drapes: A Complete Guide

how to measure for drapes, measuring windows

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Drapes are a huge part of your interior design because they don’t only provide privacy, they also add style to your spaces.

That’s why it’s so important to measure for drapes right. Drapes that are too long or too short will create a visual imbalance that’s difficult to ignore, so here’s what you should do to get it right!

How to Measure for Drapes:

1. Choose a mounting technique

When it comes to mounting techniques, you have two options: you can either mount your drapes outside or inside of the window frame. Each option will provide a different aesthetic, and it’s completely up to you.

Outside mounting can provide the illusion of larger windows while blocking natural light completely and appearing more sophisticated. Inside mounting is less common, but it allows for some natural light to seep in while still providing privacy.

2. Determine the style of your drapes

As you know, drapes and curtains can be made in different styles to make sure that they suit your home décor. Determining the style of your drapes will also help you decide what length they should be, so this is a very important step. I recommend doing a bit of research and finding inspiration online, where you have access to a ton of resources.

3. Measure your window

Now that you’ve decided what kind of mounting you want and the style of your drapes, it’s time to measure your windows. We recommend using a metal measuring tape for high accuracy.

To measure the length of your window, start the measuring tape at the top of the frame, or at the top of the inside corner, and measure down. Be sure you’re going straight down, not at an angle. This gives you your window height, not necessarily your drape length. That will be determined by your window size and the style drape you’ve selected.

To measure the width of your window, all you have to do is use the measuring tape to measure from left to right, horizontally, from one side of the window frame to the other. Most curtains are 1 to 3 times wider than the window, but that will also depend on the style you’ve chosen.

4. Determine rod placement

The rod placement will depend on the style of your drapes. If you want your drapes to hang from the inside of your window frame, you should opt for an inside trim mount.

If your windows feature molding that you don’t want to hide, a below trim mount will be the right choice.

Finally, the most common rod placement is the above trim mount because it allows you to hang the drapes 6 to 12 inches above the window frame.

When you measure for drapes it’s extremely important to the final outcome, so don’t be sloppy or make guesses. These measurements will affect how your windows look for years.

If you feel uncertain, we can do this for you! We can cover all your drape installation needs, including taking care of the measurements to make sure everything is perfect. Don’t hesitate to contact us.