How To Pick The Right Drapery Fabric

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When you’re decorating your home, you need items that complement your style and décor preferences. Of course it’s important to choose the right drapery fabric for your window treatments! This can feel overwhelming with a vast selection to choose from. In order to choose the best drapery fabric for your design needs and space, here are some helpful tips:


The easiest thing to decide is what color of drapery fabric you’ll need for your space. To find the best complementary color, look at the other colors in your space, such as the furniture, walls and accents. Once you narrow down a few choices, get a few sample swatches. Make sure to get light, bright, subdued, and dark versions of the colors you like. This can help you see which one is the most flattering for your space. Remember, your drapes will be much larger than your samples, so image large blocks of the colors you’re considering.


If you want to add fun or movement energy to the space, you can go with patterns! Especially if you have mostly neutral or plain items, patterns might be a great way to complete the space and make it more vibrant and fun. Consider how the pattern fabric will look from far away. Step back and give it a once over to see if it all meshes well together. Remember that patterns will look different on folded and flowy fabrics, like many drapes.

Fabric Weight

Another important consideration is the weight of the fabric. There are plenty of options out there from translucent sheer fabrics to heavy insulatory ones. Make sure you find something that’s the right weight for your window treatment. Discuss it with your professional drapery maker if you’re not sure.

Fabric Repeat

You might be wondering what the heck this is, but it deals with the size of the patterns on the fabric. The larger the pattern is, the larger its repeat will be. In this way, a low repeat print will appear fewer times in the same space than a smaller (higher repeat) print. So if you chose a fabric with a larger repeat, you may need more fabric to match the pattern when adding valances and other window treatment accents.