Keeping Your Home Cool with Shutters

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With another hot summer on the horizon, you’re probably thinking about ways to keep your home cool. The cusp of summer is the perfect time to install sturdy, energy-saving shutters on your windows. They can help tremendously to keep indoor environments comfortable.

Benefits of Shutters

Windows and doors are responsible for much of a home’s temperature fluctuations. With the shading and insulation of window shutters, temperatures are easier to regulate. Shutters provide a thermal barrier, and they’re also one of the more attractive ways to keep your home cool. They prevent outdoor heat from penetrating glass and interior rooms, block intense sunlight, and can even let in a breeze when louvers are positioned right. Additionally, shutters are easy to open and close with coordinated slats and hinged frame sides. They give homeowners plenty of privacy, and the style options are vast.

How Shutters Keep a Home Cool

Insulation: Shutters provide great insulation because they enclose the window frame to encourage a sealed effect. They are created to resist heat transference more effectively than traditional styles of blinds and curtains, and any gaps or cracks can be caulked for added benefits.

R-Value: Windows are assigned “R-Values” that are based on construction and shutter type. This measures how well material halts or slows heat movement. High R-Value figures equal hardier insulation and energy efficiency. Shutters have much higher R-Values (the 3 to 6 range) than other window coverings. Blinds fall in the 1 to 2 range.

Air pockets: Shutters like the faux-wood variety have hollow cores in the frames and slats, creating air pockets that resist heat transfer and insulate quite well. In fact, that air pocket blocks heat. This is one of the ways to keep your home cool. They’re made with PVC or vinyl and painted to appear like stained or painted wood. This style of shutter has to be made in specific sizes and works best on small or medium windows.

Wood cores: For larger windows, faux wood shutters can be made with wood cores in the framing. This adds stability. The insulation effect isn’t as good as air-pocket versions, but it is still much better than other options.

Solid wood: Natural wood is slightly lower on the effectiveness scale for insulation but does still offer natural protection from the tiny air pockets in the wood. Cellular structure in wood contains natural air bubbles. Large windows do well with this option, and they hold up against direct sun exposure, too.

East Bay Shutters for Your Home

At Armand’s Drapery, Shutters & Upholstery, we offer a wide range of shutter styles, including café, full height, wood, composite, outdoor/indoor, and poly resin. Not sure which option is best for your home? No problem. We offer a free consultation, and we make sure your shutters are professionally installed by members of our team. Contact us at (925) 283-8717.