Enjoy the Benefits of Motorized Window Shades

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From conveniently opening/closing shades on difficult-to-reach windows to operating your window blinds when no one’s home, motorized sun shades do a lot. Why take advantage of the latest technology to get ultimate convenience and comfort for your windows?

Some benefits of motorized window shades:

Convenience for Inaccessible Windows

Does your high ceiling mean the living room has windows that are out of reach? The answer is a window blind or cellular shade with an integrated motor. Once you install motorized sun shades, instead of being difficult to reach, the window coverings will go up and down at the touch of a button, allowing you to control natural light levels conveniently.

Hassle-Free Operation for Window Coverings

Have large, difficult to move window blinds? Wish you didn’t have to get up from your sofa when you need to close a window covering? The great news is that installing motorized sun shades makes it simple and highly convenient to open/close all types of window coverings. Whether operating by sensors or remote control, your motorized sun shades will open and close themselves, making your life easier.

Increased Comfort and Protection

The natural light of the sun is wonderful, but sometimes it can make your room too hot in the summer season, shining too brightly, fading furniture and flooring, and more. With motorized sun shades, you can control the amount of sunlight that streams through your windows. You get comfort for you and your family and sun damage protection for your décor. From drawing your shades down to reangling the tilt of your horizontal blinds, motorized sun shades allow you to keep your home looking and feeling great.

Energy Savings

Heat transfer is one of the primary reasons why home and businesses owners choose motorized sun shades. You can program a motorized blind to open or close according to light levels or time of day. By doing so, you will save on your energy bills by preventing your room from overheating during the summer season. Your air conditioner won’t have to chug away bringing back a comfortable temperature.

Safety and Security

When you are not home, it’s always a challenge to make it look like that there is someone there. You can put your lamps on timers, but thieves know that trick. Motorized sun shades allow you to create a convincing illusion! With timers or light sensors installed, your sun shades can move automatically. Even when you’re not home, it can look like someone’s active inside.

Once regarded as luxury only suitable for the wealthiest people and the most opulent homes, motorized window shades are now a relatively affordable solution for maximizing convenience and comfort in your home. Contact Armand’s window covering specialists to take your window shades and blinds to the next level.