Protecting Fabric – Lining

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Your window coverings, furniture, and bedding are all made of fabrics.  The ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage fabrics.  Just as suntan lotion is needed for your skin, your home and fabrics need protection too.  To do this, especially when they are delicate fabrics, it’s important to take special care.

Linings are the key to this care.  High quality linings can provide a filter to protect them from direct sunlight.  They are the lotion for your home.  Several companies make such linings and they can provide a barrier while keeping the beauty of your drapes.

Alternatively, a family can choose to utilize blackout linings.  Some hotels utilize this as they give their guests the ability to sleep in.  They are also in some homes due to their ability to create a completely dark room.  They usually will block 99% of the damaging rays of the sun.  Most materials can be attached to such linings.

Beyond the benefits to your drapery fabric, blackout lining can also add a layer of protection to the other fabrics in your room.  Since many couches and other furniture have their own fabrics, the lining and it’s strong filtering ability also allows them to be protected.

Blackout lining is not without its cost.  It can be calculated to be several hundred dollars for an entire home.  However, the protection it provides can provide its own cost savings as furniture and other fabrics would not have to be replaced as often.  It has been shown that the life of furniture can be expanded by years through having such lining.


Regardless of the choice of lining, it’s important that you select one type in order to protect the fabric and furniture within your room.  For questions on linings, please reach out to Armand’s Drapery to answer your lining questions.