Quick & Easy Upholstery Repair Tips Anyone Can Do

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Some upholstery repair costs aren’t cheap, but you don’t need to call in a specialist every time you have an upholstery issue. In fact, there are some things that are easy to handle on your own. Here’s our mini guide to upholstery repair. You can probably DIY these repairs at home with a little patience and practice.

Fixing Sofa Cushions

Repairing your sofa cushions is easy. If you have a torn or damaged cushion, first take the filler material out, then repair it from the inside. Make sure you use a matching thread and small stitches, so it’s not noticeable.

If it still doesn’t look quite right, you can always add a ready-made embroidered patch over the area. Before you know it, you will have a cushion that looks brand new.

Dining Room Chairs

If you aren’t ready to have your dining room chairs reupholstered, here’s an option… You can order a special kit to help you to complete the job from home. They’re less expensive than hiring an upholstery repair service.

Take the seat out of your dining room and place it on a flat service. Measure your fabric and make sure that it fits. When you’re certain of this step, remove the staples from the back of the seat. Using your DIY upholstery kit, you simply staple the new fabric to the chair. Just make sure any edges are nice and neat. It can take a little practice to get the hang of it.

Repairing Leather at Home

Do you have a leather sofa? They do get damaged from time to time. To avoid unnecessary repairs, it’s important to look after your sofa. Always buy the the right care products for your leather upholstery.

If you do end up with damage, there are specialist repair kits you can order for this as well. In general, most of these kits are easy to use, so long as you’re careful to follow the directions.

Has Your Sofa Seen Better Days?

When the seat cushions on your sofa start to sag, you probably think it is time to invest in a new sofa. But, there is no need to throw your favorite sofa out. If the fabric still looks okay, all you have to do is to buy new inserts.

Make sure you measure the cushions accurately and find a supplier of upholstery foam. Once you have your foam, mark it out accurately before cutting it to size with sharp scissors. No specialized tools are needed, so if you feel up to the job you can save a little money and maybe learn some new skills in the process.

Professional Upholstery Repair

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