• Maximalist Decor: What Is It?

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    There are so many options when it comes to decor philosophies. While you may have heard of minimalist decor, you might not be aware that a maximalist decor tradition also exists. Maximalism is the total opposite of minimalism and is all about bold color, detailed patterns and luxurious fabrics. It’s already a huge trend for 2019 and will only continue to be popular as more and more people jump on the maximalist bandwagon.

    Maximalist vs Minimalist

    Maximalism is all about power, passion and joy expressed in a room’s decor, it’s something sung compared to minimalism’s whisper. For those who love glamour and luxury, maximalism is strongly attractive. However, others might be intimidated by this bold look that can take a space to new heights. For them, the quiet organization of minimalism may fit better.

    How to Maximize the Style in Your Home

    Maximalism is all about excitement and passion, which is immediately felt the moment you step into the room with such rich decor. When making maximalism work in your home, it’s all about having fun and making it your own. Focus on patterns, colors and textures and then choose ones that really catch your eyes and bring out the joy in you.

    Do you believe that interiors need to be fun and exciting, to make you smile? Maximalism does exactly that, which is why the trend is becoming so popular now.

    Here are some tips on how to incorporate Maximalism into your own space:

    Start Small

    If you’re not sure where to start, it’s better to try it in small doses so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. Start by bringing in some colorful cushions in bright and bold tones then try scattering them on your existing sofa or chairs. Add other accents as you find the things that please you. Once you get braver, you might want to add bold wallpaper to the room to up the ante!

    It’s All About Balance

    Maximalist style is about balancing carefully-thought out design with eclecticism, so it’s important that you connect your interior choices to bring the look together. Have a balanced distribution of patterns, textures and colors in a room for a symmetrical space, which will then allow you to layer even more!

    Tell a Story

    Try to add in accents and pieces that tell a story. Maximalism works best when you have a common theme throughout the room, with each piece telling part of a greater story. Do you want your home to bring up ideas of the Southwest? A redwood forest? The Renaissance? A botanist’s greenhouse? Know what you want to bring to mind.

    Make the Space an Extension of Your Personality

    Always stay true to you and what you like. Let the room be an extension of your personality. Choose colors you love, prints that bring you joy and furniture that you adore!

    Armand’s Drapery can help you with choosing window coverings and reupholstering your beloved furnishings to meet your new style. With our help, your home will look “maximum” stylish.

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  • Minimalist Home Decor: Window Options

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    Window dressings are foundational to your interior decor. They set the stage for other elements of design, and are needed to regulate privacy, light, and temperature. When creating a minimalist aesthetic it can be a struggle finding the perfect, streamlined look. However, there are numerous minimalist window options available to choose from.

    Minimalist Home Decor

    The minimalist look has a calming, orderly charm. If you’re loving minimalism, you can dress your windows with a wide variety of clean looking options. Curtains are not the only choice for style and privacy! Here are a few stylish minimalist window options that’re stunning and go with your look:

    Wave Pleat Curtains

    These are curtains, but they hang in a large, clean way, with low visual detail because of the way they interact with the rod. The look is elegant and simple, and really complements larger windows. Don’t lose the minimalist style by choosing a print, though! Go with a solid or interesting texture to keep the look minimalist.

    Ceiling Mounted Rods

    Stay within your minimalist theme by using ceiling mounted rods. Hanging curtains from ceiling to floor creates dramatic scale while keeping thing simple. This way, you get to maximize views and create a polished look that’s not distracting. If you want ultimate luxury, install motorized curtains to control how much sun gets in with the flick of a switch, or on a timer. As always in minimalism, avoid prints.

    Shoji Screens

    If you want balance and calm, a shoji screen is a great fit. These panels of canvas or rice paper can hang from a ceiling mounted track and made to move seamlessly with drapery wands. This is one of the more expensive window covering options, though.

    Cellular Shades

    Also called honeycomb shades, cellular shades fold up when open and expand to hold channels of air when closed. Cellular shades are great for insulation, but also they have a crisp, clean look that fits right into the minimalist aesthetic. They can be even mounted within a window frame, contributing to the look of a seamless wall surface.

    Roller Shades

    Roller shades can be fabric or natural or synthetic reeds. The fabrics available can be sheer or opaque prints, solids, or textures. Even with a print it’s hard to make a roller shade look messy. They’re the simplest looking window treatment out there.

    If you need any help deciding what to do with your windows, feel free to contact Armand’s Drapery for advice on both form and function.


  • What is a Valance?

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    As you evaluate your home decoration, window treatments like blinds, curtains, motorized shades, and draperies are what most families compare and consider. These all have advantages and disadvantages, but one will probably stand out as right for your home.

    What is a Valance?

    Before deciding if you should get a valance for any window treatment, you’ll need to know what a valance is. The short answer to the question “what is a valance?” is a decorative topper that cleverly disguises the hardware of draperies and blinds. Another advantage of a valance is that it adds a finished look and frame to the window whether it’s open or closed.

    Some Valance History

    Valances have also been called window top treatments. They were common in the Victorian era, especially with fabric matching the draperies. As blinds have become more common, valances have been used more with them. In fact, most blind companies offer matching valances. Thus, valances range from the basic to the glamorous.


    Most valances are usually a piece of fabric that attaches to a metal or wood rod. The type of fabric could be a light weight cotton, silk, leather, or almost any type of material. For blinds it’s often more of a rigid box. It’s attached to the rod with brackets. As a result, valances come in different dimensions, but most are some type of rectangle.

    There are numerous valance forms from balloon to swag & tail. For instance, with a balloon valance, a lightweight fabric is used to create a “ballooning” out appearance to it. A swag & tail has the shape of a sideways “C” with a tail of fabric coming down on each side. These are just a couple examples but numerous others exist.

    If you want to discuss valences and how they can accentuate your home, don’t hesitate to contact our window treatment experts at Armand’s Drapery.

  • How To Pick The Right Drapery Fabric

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    When you’re decorating your home, you need items that complement your style and décor preferences. Of course it’s important to choose the right drapery fabric for your window treatments! This can feel overwhelming with a vast selection to choose from. In order to choose the best drapery fabric for your design needs and space, here are some helpful tips:


    The easiest thing to decide is what color of drapery fabric you’ll need for your space. To find the best complementary color, look at the other colors in your space, such as the furniture, walls and accents. Once you narrow down a few choices, get a few sample swatches. Make sure to get light, bright, subdued, and dark versions of the colors you like. This can help you see which one is the most flattering for your space. Remember, your drapes will be much larger than your samples, so image large blocks of the colors you’re considering.


    If you want to add fun or movement energy to the space, you can go with patterns! Especially if you have mostly neutral or plain items, patterns might be a great way to complete the space and make it more vibrant and fun. Consider how the pattern fabric will look from far away. Step back and give it a once over to see if it all meshes well together. Remember that patterns will look different on folded and flowy fabrics, like many drapes.

    Fabric Weight

    Another important consideration is the weight of the fabric. There are plenty of options out there from translucent sheer fabrics to heavy insulatory ones. Make sure you find something that’s the right weight for your window treatment. Discuss it with your professional drapery maker if you’re not sure.

    Fabric Repeat

    You might be wondering what the heck this is, but it deals with the size of the patterns on the fabric. The larger the pattern is, the larger its repeat will be. In this way, a low repeat print will appear fewer times in the same space than a smaller (higher repeat) print. So if you chose a fabric with a larger repeat, you may need more fabric to match the pattern when adding valances and other window treatment accents.

  • Honeycomb Window Shades: One Sweet Window Covering!

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    With so many window covering options, trying to find the best one for your home can be quite overwhelming! Let’s look at honeycomb shades. They not only provide you with the protection and shade you want from window coverings, but also style you crave. They match just about any décor and will add to your home’s overall style.

    What are Honeycomb Window Shades?

    Honeycomb shades are also called “cellular shades” because of their unique shape. They’re the best insulating window treatment you can buy, making them popular with homeowners looking to save on electricity. Thanks to their honeycomb-shaped air cells, these lightweight window treatments trap a layer of still air. This creates an effective insulation barrier to keep your home warm or cool throughout the year. They come in either single cell or double cell and will save you money on heating and cooling costs over the years.

    Duetta Architella from Hunter Douglas

    Hunger Douglas’s all-new Duette Architella Collection is actually an evolution in honeycomb shades, which is why they’re one of the best options on the market today. They feature a unique and state-of-the-art honeycomb within a honeycomb design that provides a deep, luminous color, true opaque appearance and improved pleat retention. They’re soft to the touch and feature higher R-Values than comparable pleats, meaning they conduct very little heat or cold. If you want the best, the Duette Architella Collection honeycomb shades are a true distinctive option. Different than anything else available on the market.

    Duetta Architella Honeycomb window shades are soft and luxurious, yet durable at the same time. You can choose between a wide variety of honeycomb pleat sizes, colors and textures. Available opacity ranges from sheer all the way to opaque. You can use them to cover any window, regardless of size, shape or location thanks to innovative hardware systems that Hunter Douglas Duette shades offer.

    Hunter Douglas is actually the originator of the honeycomb shade! If you want the best, go with the brand that first created these highly popular window shades that are beautiful and effective. Besides energy efficiency, they offer the best pleat retention, light control, privacy options and are easy to maintain and care for.