The Impact of Shutters on a Home

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Did you know that shutters can be installed on the interior or the exterior of a home? If you’re looking for a classic window treatment with a lot of character, read on to learn more about the ways shutters can benefit your living space.

Save on Energy Costs

If you need to use the AC to stay cool in the summer, installing shutters can prevent cold air from escaping through the windows. They can also be adjusted to stop or modify sunlight from coming through the windows and heating up your rooms.

On the other hand, they act as an extra layer of insulation in the colder winter months. They’re thick and help to retain warmth, so it doesn’t escape through the windows. This results in lower heating and cooling costs all throughout the year.

Beauty & Value

Shutters are available in a diverse range of colors and styles, and can even be customized to ensure they complement the design of your home. Of course, any home improvement upgrade can increase your property’s value. If you plan on eventually selling, shutters create an eye-catching look that boosts your home’s curb appeal.

Privacy and Safety

Another benefit is that they give you a sense of privacy from your neighbors but light can still come in, depending on how they’re adjusted. This way, you can have all the sunlight you want without worrying about passersby looking through the windows. Additionally, shutters also make it more difficult for anyone to break in.

Easy to Clean & Operate

Shutters are easy to operate and they don’t have any cords that can get knotted. It’s also simple to adjust them to change the amount of privacy and light they provide. Plus, they don’t require much upkeep and they’re easy to clean.

Protect Your Furniture

Did you know that UV rays from the sun can fade and damage the upholstery on your furniture? While it’s true this takes time, it’s also most likely inevitable without the right window dressings. Thankfully, shutters protect furniture better than most blinds.

Shutters Near Me

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