Using your Window Coverings as a focal point

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A specific spot in a room that grabs the maximum attention, can be termed as a focal point. It can be your fireplace, art pieces or your windows.  The point varies depending upon how your room is furnished and/or laid out. And, if you are passionate about adding visual warmth to a room, then adding the right window covering can add aesthetic values to your home and  help achieve both the look and feel you desire. 

Here are some of the design trends of window coverings that you can use as a focal point. 

Organic window covering:  As the name suggests these are made up of natural biodegradable materials such as bamboo or matchsticks. Some light can diffuse from it and so you can peep out of your window anytime without breaching your privacy.

Colorful covering:  While coloring your window covering you can lure the attention of your friends and colleagues visiting your house. Window covering in blues along with a variety of ocean hues in teal can make the appearance spectacular. So, whether you are going for aquamarine and soft green, you can choose soft lavender and dusty hues or make use of persimmon, orange and emerald, for jewel tone; to uplift the room in the best possible manner. 

Luxury fabrics:  Luxury fabrics from velvets, damasks, Belgian linen, silks, leather, or suede you have a variety of options to choose for luxury fabric. For those who desire for embellishment and luxury, these trends will always remain a popular option. 

Combination of textures:  You can choose from a wide variety of best window covering such as rough linen and sleek metal combinations. This adds interest while embellishments such as embroidered trim or rivets provide an unexpected twist. 

These are a few ways that you can keep in mind for making the best use of window coverings as a focal point. If you have questions, you can reach out to Armand’s to go over your window coverings options.