Ways to Refresh Your Home This Spring

Upholstery Repair

Spring is a time of renewal. This season marks the awakening and rejuvenation of everything in nature, from plants to animals. To welcome the arrival of spring, refresh your home and get yourself in the springtime spirit. Here are some simple ideas to get started…


An easy way to refresh your home and add a springtime feel is to bring flowers and greenery into your space. Visit a local nursery or flower shop.

To care for cut flowers, remember to trim the bottoms at an angle before arranging them in a vase filled with water. Pro tip: warm water will encourage blooms to open, while cold water will keep them closed. Choose the water temperature based on the appearance of your blooms. If there are many buds on the stalk, warm water may be a good option. If they’re already open wide, cold water will help preserve their shape. 

Nurseries are the best place to find potted plants of all kinds. If flowers aren’t your thing, you’re in luck. You’ll discover a wide variety of greenery and even edible plants at your local nursery. A potted herb or spice, for instance, can add beauty as well as function to your home. If you choose to buy a potted plant, make sure it has enough space in its container. Also, be sure to ask a nursery staff member about the care and feeding of your new purchase. 

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a great way to refresh your home and welcome the start of a new season. Look online to find a spring cleaning guide that works for you.

A day spent washing bedding, carpets, and upholstery is a worthwhile time investment that boosts your mood. While spring cleaning, be sure to go through your closets and sort through clothing. Store away winter items and pull out unused clothing for donation or disposal. Living in an organized space is good for quality of life and peace of mind. 

Refresh Your Home

While you refresh your home this spring, you may find that your living space needs a little bit of an extra lift. Torn or faded draperies can make a home look dingy, even when it’s clean. Consider replacing overlooked window dressings that may be worse for wear. If you find that your window treatments no longer reflect your style, or are due for an upgrade, a simple switch can work wonders for your space.

New draperies and window treatments can instantly refresh a home’s appearance, and even improve its value. Contact us at Armand’s Drapery to learn more about your home improvement options. Call us now at (925) 283-8717 to schedule your free consultation. Happy spring!