Your Key Guide to Different Types of Draperies


It’s not easy to choose a drapery style with all of the options available today. It can seem like an overwhelming task. While making a decision about your window treatments, you may wish to consider elements like functionality and aesthetics. Luckily, Armand’s Drapery is here to help you. Read on to learn more about the types of draperies that may be right for your home.

Ripple Fold Drapery

This kind of drapery is a best seller, and for good reason. It is modern and sleek, but also functional and easy to use. It’s great for windows that you need to open and close often. This is because it’s designed to glide smoothly along a track. Because of this, it is a particularly good choice for sliding glass doors.

Tailored Pleat Drapery

This model is full and elegant. The waterfall pleat design is visually pleasing, but it’s practical, too. Tailored pleat drapery is available in many different materials, patterns, and colors. If you need some lighter fabrics, you may choose a linen tailored pleat drapery. On the other hand, if you need more substantial material, you may decide to choose wool or something similar.

Pinch Pleat Drapery

Pinch pleat draperies are classic and lovely. The pinch pleat design creates a simple yet beautiful shape. This drapery style is held in place and, like the preceding styles, it’s both functional and easy to operate. Although this style is traditional, it’s also bold.

Inverted Pleat Drapery

Inverted pleat draperies are neatly pleated but provide a casual and relaxed vibe. This style is a lovely option for decoration. The aesthetic features may not be as easy to frequently open and close.

Goblet Drapery

As far as types of draperies go, this model is designed with a sophisticated shape. Large goblet pleats located at the top of the panels create an eye-catching style element. They serve a lovely decorative purpose. This model has a large stack, which means that some fabric will cover up your windows when the draperies are open.

Cubicle Drapery

If you’re exploring types of draperies and looking for a drapery that’s budget-friendly and great for privacy, you may be interested in this versatile style that can even be used creatively as a room divider.

Types of Draperies for Your Home

There are many types of draperies. If you’re not sure which style would look best in your home, give us a call at Armand’s Drapery, Shutters & Upholstery. We’re happy to tell you about our products, so you can make an informed decision. Contact us today at 925.283.8717!